Perseverance and fatherhood with former NFL linebacker Anthony Trucks

Did you catch the season premiere of American Ninja Warrior? If you did, you saw Anthony Trucks CRUSH it!!!

Anthony’s story is almost too heartbreaking, too emotional, too inspiring to believe.

From his earliest memories of being abandoned by his biological mother, to the horrors he experienced while in the foster system, to the redemption of finally finding a loving family, to the accomplishment of playing college and pro football, he story is truly epic.

Anthony’s life has been one of extreme ups and downs, and through it all, he has maintained a positive attitude that has pushed others to “trust their hustle” and achieve great things – in business, in fitness, and in life.

In this episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, Anthony and I get into how he learned to be a father having not had a father figure growing up, and how fitness has helped make him the man he is today. Enjoy this episode!

Listen to this episode!

The podcast is available on iTunes (…/ep-6-perseverance-…/id1237764163…), Google Play, and SoundCloud. Please give it a listen and subscribe, and let me know what you think. I can always improve, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!


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