How Vinnie Saunders fought back after nearly losing his life

Episode 10 of the Fit Dad Fitness is live!

Almost a decade ago, Vinnie Saunders was literally run over while out on a jog with a friend, and he was left clinging to his life while his friend lost his. The fact that Vinnie can move at all is a miracle, let alone the fact that he’s performing CrossFit workouts and doing leg day twice a week.

This week’s podcast episode of all about Vinnie’s perspective and perseverance through hard times. His positive outlook on life makes me want to be a better man in every sense of the phrase.

Listen to this episode!

The Fit Dad Fitness Podcast is available on iTunes (…/fit-dad-fitness-po…/id1237764163…), Google Play, Stitcher (, and SoundCloud ( Please give it a listen and subscribe, and let me know what you think. I can always improve, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!


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