Adjusting our training as we age with former D-1 athlete Sean Lowe

This week’s podcast guest, Sean Lowe, may best be known for starring on the reality TV show, The Bachelor. But I sought him out for a very different reason.

Sean and I attended Kansas State University at about the same time, though in very different capacities. Sean was a member of the football team, including the 2003 team that upset No. 1-ranked Oklahoma, 35-7, in the Big 12 Championship Game. I wanted Sean’s insight into how his training has changed since he graduated from the world of Division-1 athletics.

Most guys aren’t former D-1 athletes, but the idea is still the same. As we age, the way we train changes, too. But age doesn’t have to mean we can’t have a fit, healthy body. Sean offers his approach to fitness and nutrition compared to his K-State days, and also gives us just a little detail on his life post-Bachelor and on becoming a fit dad in the process.

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