Honoring the memory of a child lost by inspiring others, with David Steele

This week’s episode is, to date, the hardest one I’ve ever done. As a former journalist, it is the most challenging interview I have ever completed. There’s simply no other way to describe what its like speaking to a fellow father who has been through what no parent should ever have to experience — the loss of a child.

My guest this week is David Steele, father to Madelyn and step-dad to Ellie. David runs the website DadsofSteele.com, with an aim of “bringing dads together to inspire, encourage, and motivate each other. Dads of Steele came about after David and his wife, Colleen, had to say goodbye to their newborn baby girl, Aubrey Violet, after complications arose after Aubrey was born.

David’s health waned in the months afterward as he dealt with the emotions of losing his daughter. But after hearing a song on the radio, he dedicated himself to getting back in shape in the memory of Aubrey Violet. His fitness comeback story was so inspiring that he was featured in Men’s Health magazine, and he’s now using his experience to inspire and motivate other dads to be the best versions of themselves.

Prepare yourself for an incredibly deep, emotional, and ultimately uplifting episode.

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Listen to this episode!

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