Creating a company with your family’s health and nutrition in mind, with Flapjacked Co-Founder & Fit Dad Dave Bacon

This week’s guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast is the Co-Founder of Flapjacked, Dave Bacon. Flapjacked is food you love with protein you need, and Dave and his wife, Jennifer, founded the company to provide themselves and their five children the healthy, nutritious fuel their bodies needed for their active lifestyles. In particular, they wanted to give their son Jace, who has autism, a healthy, protein-packed way to have one of his favorite meals — pancakes.

The cool thing about how Dave and Jennifer founded the company was that they involved their kids in the creation of the company, from ideas for products, to branding, to helping pack orders.

And of course, Dave is a Fit Dad himself and loves to get his day started with a Mighty Muffin and a solid workout in the gym.

Huge thank you to this week’s episode sponsor, Flapjacked. Now through May 31, 2018, when you go to and make an order, you can use the code “fitdad” at checkout for 20% off your order! They just released a new Mighty Muffin flavor — cinnamon roll — so get on board that train! You’ll never want another kind of protein pancake or muffin again.

Listen to this episode!

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