From fighter pilot to cancer fighter, with Joel Neeb

Growing up, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. What little boy didn’t, right? Specifically, I wanted to fly the F-15 Eagle, widely considered the greatest fighter jet ever with its undefeated record in aerial combat.

Today’s Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest lived my childhood dream. Joel Neeb was a F-15 pilot. But that doesn’t even begin to tell his story.

In 2010, Joel was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Rather than fighting his battles in the air in the cockpit of a faster-than-the-speed-of-sound jet, Joel fought for his life in a hospital. His particular form of cancer was so gruesome, doctors didn’t bother giving him a prognosis.

Eight years later, and Joel is the father to three beautiful children, has stepped on stage as a physique competitor, has competed in the IronMan Triathlon, is training to try to compete on American Ninja Warrior, and is the President of the consulting group, Afterburner, Inc. And his cancer? Well, you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the rest of the story.

Joel brings a new perspective on life that only a man who has experienced what he has experienced could deliver. This episode is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

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Listen to this episode!

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