Being willing to step out and take on new challenges, with Craig Capurso

This week’s Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest, Craig Capurso, has been one of the most recognizable faces and names in the fitness industry over the last few years. As a spokesmodel and IFBB pro, Craig has become a staple in fitness magazines, in competitions, and in producing some of the best workout content out there.

In this week’s interview, Craig and I discuss all of the many ways he has sought and faced new challenges in his life — from leaving his job as a Wall Street commodities trader to enter the fitness world full-time, to starting a variety of businesses (most recently, Metron), to becoming a dad, to rediscovering his faith, to venturing in CrossFit.

This wide-ranging interview ends with some powerful words of wisdom from Craig — be willing to step out and do the work, and don’t let someone else get your kudos. Enjoy!

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Listen to this episode!

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