A Healthier You Starts in the Kitchen

Listen up all you Fit Dads, there is no better way to improve your health than by correcting your bad diet habits.​IMG_5607

Soda? No way. Fried food and takeout? Nope. Pre-packaged, microwave dinners? Ugh! Get in the kitchen, Dads, and learn how to make yourself a real meal!

Is my diet perfect? Absolutely not. I still indulge in chips and salsa and candy every now and then, but the key to a healthy diet is to not let those types of foods consume you. Don’t let unhealthy snacks take the place of well-balanced meals in your diet.

Here’s a basic sample monthly meal plan to help get your started on the right path to eating healthier. Modify this plan based on your workout level and your goals, but remember, your food fuels your workouts and your recovery … don’t skimp!

Just in case you were wondering, I try to eat organic meats, fruits and veggies as often as possible. Not all fruits and veggies need to be organic, though. Start from the list of the Dirty Dozen.