When I first came across Michael though the “recommended accounts” on Instagram, I knew something was different about his profile. He clearly had found a way to make fitness a priority, while living a very busy life. Even though I was not a dad yet, the idea of making fitness a priority was essential to me, and though I had been working out for sometime, I had never seen the results I wanted.


In just 3 months working with Michael, I have increased my strength and cardiovascular
conditioning, while also leaning out my body. I have lost over 15 pounds and know I will
continue to hit my goals! My confidence has increased, and my knowledge of fitness and
nutrition has expanded more than I ever thought possible!


Throughout the journey, Michael has been a fantastic guide, teacher, coach and friend. He checks in frequently, and gives multiple tips to help you attain your best, while actually listening to your goals. Perhaps his best quality is that Michael truly cares about you as an individual, and is determined to help you reach your goals. I can’t thank him enough!

Sean D.